Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well to be frank, I am not a BIG FAN of BB Cream although it is packed with a hell lot of GOODS and not to mention easy-to-apply too. I still prefer the conventional way; sunscreen, make up base & follow by foundation.

Okie that aside,
The Face Shop BB Cream is worth recommending simply because it is better than its competitors in the market right now.

Quick & Clean Oil-Free BB Cream is the one in green packaging.
Recommended if you are of fairer skin tone .. Otherwise please apply half an hour before you step out of your house otherwise you will look like applying the wrong shade of foundation and it looks horrible.
All-in-all, a not bad product considering the fact that it contains tea tree oil which is suitable even for blemish skin. It helps to soothe down the redness and even out your skintone.
Oil-free formula is especially good for those with oily skin.
You can even apply this on your eyes area to lighten the dark circle a little.
Although SPF is not being mentioned, but Titanium Dioxide is part of the ingredients and it is a sunscreen ingredient, which protects skin against UVA and UVB radiation. So I reckon, it will help a little.
Recommended for those who just want to even out the skin tone and prefer hassle-free make up. Suitable for guys too.

Retailing @ RM59.90 @ 35ml.

PRO : Oil-Free, Suitable for oily or blemish skin, contains Tea Tree Oil, smells good, affordable
CON : Might look a tad bit ashy if applied too much, No SPF

Well, lets go to the other one with SPF, called The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF20 PA++.

Works almost similarly as the Quick & Clean, only some of the ingredients are different and it comes with SPF.
Application technique and shade are all the same.
Not really oil-free though so please opt for Quick&Clean if you have oily skin.
Gives a radiant glow and again as BB Cream always claim to match your skintone but please bear in mind that it will look a tad bit ashy upon application and you gotta wait till it oxidises to actually match your skintone.
As SPF formula is being added, this product is being sold at a higher price.
Retailing @ RM99.90 for a 45ml.

PRO : contains SPF, smells good (as usual)
CON : a bit pricey

A little goes a long way, so please dont slap it on thinking that it will matches your skintone eventually and it will gives you a better coverage. NO! you will only look ashy and UGLY.
You can also use it as a make up base.
Although a lot of people just go thru the usual cleansing routine, I would personally recommend to use a MAKEUP REMOVER or Double Cleanse to really remove the product from your skin.


Benny said...

Nice review. Am a huge fan of BB Cream, and I don't leave home without it!

You're right, about looking ashy, unfortunately it doesnt come in various shade. otherwise, pretty happy with the Quick and Clean BB Cream by FAce Shop. I would want to try Skin Food next!

BRYAN said...

Skin Food's is a bit oily and heavier in texture .. not really recommended for oily skin. but i hvnt really tried it myself so i can't comment much .. let me go and check it out one day hehe :p