Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review - INGLOT Freedom Systems Eyeshadow

Inglot eyeshadows are FANTASTIC and highly pigmented. I bought it from Bahrain, hehehe more like I ask my friend to get it for me from Bahrain :p

Got it about 2 months back and have no time to write a review till now.
I have not tried this before hence I bought only 4 colors. Kinda regretted it though ... 
Their eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and come in 2.7g (HUGE!).
Its much cheaper in US/UK but not really in Bahrain .. well nothing is cheap in Bahrain i guess LOL!
I think I got it for about RM120 or so .. can't really recall .. 

Anyway, as you can see I bought 4 colors ... out of which 3 are chosen by me, by just looking at the colors online while the BLACK was recommended by the Sales Rep there.

The colors payoffs are ridiculously good .. the MATTE White is super white while the MATTE brown work wonders hehe I use it to contour :)
The black comes with a tiny bit of gold shimmer and looks good for dinner makeup .. kinda similar to my NARS "night breed" only bigger and cheaper!

Their freedom systems come in various sizes and you can choose from 3-10 eyeshadows palette and also mixture of a few products into one palette ie concealer,brow color,eyeshadows,blush etc :)
I guess I will go crazy if I am there in the store myself LOL ... 

ohhhhh yeah the palette is magnetic and it is so cool .. you can even stack a few palettes together .. one of the coolest palette I've seen so far hehe

These are the location of their stores .. perhaps you can get some if you happen to be at these countries :)


requested by Shereen ... hehehe :)

she finally got her beloved purple :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2010

dry run + full dress rehearsal from 2pm till 8am! 
slept 3 hours and continue makeup at 230pm again till 12am!
but its all worth it ... look at all the beautiful contestants and past year beauties :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

makeup - SIS

haha an impromptu makeup for my sis since i am free and she needs to attend a wedding dinner ... a quick one just on her eyes with a lil blusher and concealer here and there .. no foundation though thats the first time for me hahaha .. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

makeup - ROM

did this makeup for my best fren's wife ROM .. :)
use the usual stuffs like corrector, foundation, concealer ... but the only thing different is that i was using my new baby (eyeshadows from INGLOT) to do her eyes ... LOVE LOVE LOVE the product hehehe

Friday, September 17, 2010

makeup .. my SIS

a makeup I did for my sis (the one in short red skirt) to her bestie's wedding some time this year, i guess :)
the pic is small I know but you get the idea .. its a black smokey eyes 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Review - NARS Velvet Lip Pencil

Bought THREE of these Velvet Lip Pencil too from Bangkok.
Super super GOOD 2-in-1 lip pencil & lipstick combo .. 
true to its name, the texture is super velvety and one of the nicest lip pencil i've ever used ... glides on super easily and gives a soft matte finish ... u can either leave it like that for a beautiful matte look or dab on a lil bit of gloss to give the color a punch of shine :)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! .. but the nearest you can get this product is from Bangkok and mind you they are not cheap .. 

NARS Eyeshadow in Night Breed & THE Multiple

went all crazy for NARS when i was in Bangkok last week .... bought the eyeshadow, the blush stick and few lipsticks. excellent product.

i just bought one eyeshadow - shimmery Black .. coz i hv too many eyeshadows already but i couldnt resist the black color so i decided to just get ONE and only ONE hehehe ... but i gotta tell you that the color payoff is great and i wont go out for a makeup job without this :)

got another THREE multi purpose blush stick .. ORGASM (their best seller), South Beach & Copacabana.
fantactic for a quick sheer and natural look .. can be applied on the cheek, eye and lips.
Copacabana is a good highlighter and South Beach & Orgasm are both as good to be used as blusher or lip stain. 
Pros : Nice packaging, nice colors
Cons : Quite pricey

L'oreal Super Liner & Instant Impact Felt Liner

am having an addiction on liquid liners lately ... hehe yea i am quite fickle minded .. i used to love gel liner and i switched to cake liner and i am now liking liquid liner .. but that doesnt mean i dont use the other 2 anymore coz i still do, depending on situation :)

i simply like liquid liner for the fact that its easy to use and save a lot of my time when i do makeup for clients...  

these 2 liners that i bought from Bangkok are great and wont cost you much (yes i do use drugstore stuffs sometimes) .. i got both for less than RM30 each :)
2 coats of these liners give a better color payoff and last all day ..
(i cant find the pic of the other liner i bought but the packaging is black in color with a gold color cover)

makeup ... for GIN

did a makeup yday for Gin ... she needs to attend a wedding dinner :)

on her eyes : just a simple black and brown shadow with false lashes. (NARS & Makeup Store)
on her face : liquid foundation, cream blusher (NARS orgasm) and some highlighting and contouring
on her lips : blend of 2 lipsticks (Sephora) and 2 lipglosses (Smashbox) , line with Sephora lipliner

Sunday, August 1, 2010

makeup ... Cassandra for her shop's Grand Opening

am a bit crazy bout the sephora shadows and lippie lately ... this is the outcome :)

by the way she has a lot of nice stuffs at her shop .. CASSE BOUTIQUE (Dataran Sunway, Jalan PJU 5/4)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


one of the makeup I did last week :)
eyeshadows all from SEPHORA LET'S PLAY palette

Thanks to SHEREEN for the wonderful pic 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

some of the makeover I did lately ...

hey y'all ... finally have some time for my blog again ...
hopefully my readers are still following me "religiously" hehehehe :)
below are some of the makeovers I did recently ...
quality of pics are not SUPERB as I keep forgetting to take a pic after I've done but I reckon you guys can still see how do they look like :)

will try and post it seperately with a tutorial if i have the time too but for the time being please enjoy the pics and do comments :)

Q & A Wednesday - Part 2

Hey there,

Got some questions by Siloy 诗蕊 .... and below are my 2 cents worth :)

Hi Bryan, I bought an eye gel liner from Kate and it's easy to smear after few hours i applied. May I know which brand of eye gel liner can be stayed long, won't smear and easy to be removed? Thanks thanksss...=)
A : Hi Siloy, there are 2 alternatives; 1. if pencil liner/gel liner tend to smudge a lot perhaps you might wanna try using liquid liner instead. 2. you can try Bobbi Brown gel liner, so far I've no problem with that (try setting it with powder)

Hi Bryan, I just found your blog. It seems a bit late to me, hehe..
I'm actually a Skin 79 user. I'm using their BB Cream as make up base, foundation and concealer. I'm recently looking for an under eye concealer which is willing to cover my "dark eye bag" T.T...do you have any good recommendation? Thanks,hehe...
Oh yea, my eye area is dry and I used to take care of them since i was 18 but still, fine lines...arghhhh..
A : Hi Siloy, try putting on liquid concealer instead of cream ones or put on concealer right after you've applied your eye gel/cream ... if its too dry, try not to set it with powder as it will only make it more apparent and worse ... oh and one more thing, don't over apply concealer or layer it too much with foundation.

Please do keep the questions coming :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lauder Lands Smashbox

The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. has today announced that it will acquire cosmetics company Smashbox to sit alongside its other premium brands, which include Tom Ford, MAC and Bobbi Brown. Smashbox was founded in 1996 by Brothers Dean and David Factor, great-grandsons of the make-up legend Max Factor, who were inspired by photo studio celebrities to create a unique makeup brand that met the highly demanding needs of a professional photo shoot.

"We expect to benefit greatly from The Estée Lauder Companies' extensive knowledge in product development, operational execution, and international marketing and distribution, and we look forward to the next great period of growth for the brand," said Dean Factor, co-founder and chief executive officer of Smashbox.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q & A WEDNESDAY ~ Part 1


I've got this email from one of my silent reader on FB .. and to be frank i feel honored that someone actually told me that she has been following my blog for months and wanted to ask for my advice :)

So I've then decided to post it here so that everyone can see my reply to her too (but I'll not disclose her name here, but if she wants she can leave a comment here) 

So gurls/guys, I am going to make this a weekly affair to answer to all your questions :)
Please keep the questions coming and I will try my best to give you the best advice ..

Okie dokie .. here you go ...

"Anyway, I have normal to combination skin. I work in an office but I go out everyday to send and fetch my daughter from her playschool."

My questions are:

1. What kind of foundation is best for me? And are foundation powder strong enough to cover my pimples and uneven skin tone?
Depending on your preference, but for a more natural look go for Liquid and if you are always on the go try LONG WEAR makeup which wont fade and stay put throughout the day .. TRY ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR which stays on your skin for 12 hours :)
Foundation will even out your skintone and use concealer to cover pimples as concealer is more pigmented and stays better  
I use sunblock, primer, foundation and set with loose powder early in the morning, but by midday, its all gone. So I need to reapply makeup, and I'd prefer NOT to bring my liquid foundation to work. (Bulky). So I thought want to use a powder foundation.
Try not to put too much of products on the skin else the foundation will slip off ... your routine seems okie and setting the foundation with powder will definitely keep the makeup stays longer .. go ahead and try Estee Lauder and see if you like it .. for touch up bring a compact powder ..

2. What is the best powder foundation you can recommend to me (if any)
I am not a fan of powder foundation to be frank hehehe but you can try MAC STUDIO FIX, if you want.

3. When applying make up, should I put on sunblock or primer/makeup base first 
sunblock follow by primer

4. Does BB cream really work, and if so, when do I use it?
again, preference, coz there are many brands in the market and you will really have to try to know it ... so far i find SKIN 79 is good .. supposedly recommended for acne skin .. But definitely not as good of a coverage as foundation/concealer

5. Is it true we need to let everything we put on our face "set" for 30 seconds before applying something else? (Eg: must let moisturiser set for 30 seconds before applying sunblock).
hahaha just some basic rules ... but I dont really follow .. as long as you are not slapping everything in one go I guess you're just fine 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SEPHORA IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Sunday, April 25, 2010


CANT WAIT to share this with u gals .... so excited ! 
HAIR & MAKEUP by myself @ my house hehehe ... 
will share the details after my dinner :p

Monday, April 12, 2010

Make up : Chance eBoutique

HI ALL ... hv not been updating for the longest time .. thousand apologies :p
Anyway am still sick but managed to pull this off last Sunday for Jessica to feature on her eBoutique

some photos for you all to see :) (for more pls click on her blog)
hint hint *dun skip anything and scroll all the way down for some goodies*

how to do this look : (a very NUDE, sexy, sweet, pinkish look for the season)

on her eyes :
  • 2 coats of mascara 
  • thin eyeliner (I used Makeup Store cakeliner in GRAY)
on her face :
  • MAC makeup base
  • Light Foundation - Shu Eumura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation
  • Pink Blusher
on her lips :
  • Lustre by MAC Viva Glam LADY GAGA collection
  • NUDE Gloss by Smashbox
There you go a FLAWLESS & FRESH look :)

Hope you gals enjoy the tutorial ... hehehe I think this is the first time I am doing this on my blog.