Sunday, April 25, 2010


CANT WAIT to share this with u gals .... so excited ! 
HAIR & MAKEUP by myself @ my house hehehe ... 
will share the details after my dinner :p

Monday, April 12, 2010

Make up : Chance eBoutique

HI ALL ... hv not been updating for the longest time .. thousand apologies :p
Anyway am still sick but managed to pull this off last Sunday for Jessica to feature on her eBoutique

some photos for you all to see :) (for more pls click on her blog)
hint hint *dun skip anything and scroll all the way down for some goodies*

how to do this look : (a very NUDE, sexy, sweet, pinkish look for the season)

on her eyes :
  • 2 coats of mascara 
  • thin eyeliner (I used Makeup Store cakeliner in GRAY)
on her face :
  • MAC makeup base
  • Light Foundation - Shu Eumura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation
  • Pink Blusher
on her lips :
  • Lustre by MAC Viva Glam LADY GAGA collection
  • NUDE Gloss by Smashbox
There you go a FLAWLESS & FRESH look :)

Hope you gals enjoy the tutorial ... hehehe I think this is the first time I am doing this on my blog.

Friday, April 2, 2010

my crazy pic :p

i wear like this to work today LOL ~ YO! I like that glasses :p