Monday, November 30, 2009

Elianto .....

LOL ~~~~~~~~~~ dont be surprised that I actually bought all these :p
I cant resist the temptation and all these costs me only RM34 ! YES U HEAR ME RIGHT! RM34!

left to right : mousse eyeshadow (pink), mousse blusher (pink), mousse eyeshadow (blue), shimmer (white), 2 lipstick (purple & pink) & blusher (pink)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

makeup by ME .... part 2

continue from the previous post with some extra shots ... thanks JESS


Monday, November 23, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner

my wishlist :p heheheheh 

Urban Decay

24/7 Super Stash
What it is:
A set of nine, mini-sized 24/7 eye liner pencils that includes four new, exclusive shades and five best-selling favorites.

What it does:
You asked for more! This rainbow of shades is the ultimate kit: the right balance of neutrals and brights for any look. Need to modernize your little black dress? Try bold strokes of gold, green, or blue shades for some exotic flair. Wearing that bold-printed tunic? Try smoldering layers of neutral Eye Pencils to add depth and gleam without competing. Small enough to fit in a wallet or slimmest of evening bags, these mini-sized pencils still feature the exact formula you love in Urban Decay's full-sized 24/7 pencils: extra creamy, easy-glide, and waterproof. Use them in combination, use them alone, or give a few away. (Okay, don't do that.)

This set contains:
- Corrupt (brown sparkle)
- Binge (navy - finally!)
- Eldorado (a new gold)
- Oil Slick (black sparkle)
- Zero (black)
- Graffiti (bright green with silver sparkle)
- Ransom (bright iridescent purple)
- Rockstar (dark purple)
- Stash (dark golden green)

What else you need to know:
There are FOUR shades exclusive to this set: Corrupt, Binge, Eldorado, and Oil Slick.
Size: 9 x 0.02oz

Sephora X'Mas gift set ...... FANTABULOUS!

for all you makeup fanatics out there ... THIS IS A MUST BUY! 
i cant wait to get my hands on it ... my colleague is getting for me from SG ... THANKS MARIO! hehe :p

Ultimate Blockbuster
What it is:
A world of makeup in one all-inclusive, collector's edition palette.

What it does:
Create over 60,000 looks with this stunning profusion of versatile colors. This chic, multi-tiered must-have comes complete with essential applicators and a how-to guide that introduces a universe of gorgeous possibilities.

This set contains:
- 84 x 0.04 oz eyeshadows
- 3 x 0.19 oz blushes
- 60 x 0.03 oz lip glosses
- 2 x 0.03 oz lip liners
- 3 x 0.03 oz eyeliners
- 6 x 0.02 oz cream eyeliners
- 6 x 0.02 oz matte eyeshadows
- 6 x 0.03 oz sparkling eyeshadows
- Double-ended eyeshadow applicator/ eyeliner brush
- Double-ended sponge-tipped applicator
- Lip brush
- Powder brush

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

makeup by ME! hehehehe ...

Here you go .... 
Makeup done by yours truly :p

I am VERY HAPPY that she loves the makeup ... 
I will be doing her makeup twice a month now and will keep you gals posted :)


Am very excited now and thinking what to do on her next hehehe ...

for more of these pics please visit Jessica's E-Boutique (Chance Boutique)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

back ......

hey y'all i am back !!!!!!!!!! 
and i am so in the mood to revamp my blog now ... 

oh yea, fyi i've just done a makeup for a friend and will feature in her blog very soon ... 
will share with y'all once the pics are up ... :)

in the meantime please help me by giving me some idea on how to make my blog more interesting ... 

thanks thanks ...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

taking a break .....

hey gals (& guys) .... i need to take a break from updating my blog for some time ... 
am busy with work and classes and i dont think i have the energy to blog anymore .. for now that is!
but dun worry i will be back, full force, in no time :)

watch this space ... hehehe

thanks for all the supports ... love y'all