Monday, November 23, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner

my wishlist :p heheheheh 

Urban Decay

24/7 Super Stash
What it is:
A set of nine, mini-sized 24/7 eye liner pencils that includes four new, exclusive shades and five best-selling favorites.

What it does:
You asked for more! This rainbow of shades is the ultimate kit: the right balance of neutrals and brights for any look. Need to modernize your little black dress? Try bold strokes of gold, green, or blue shades for some exotic flair. Wearing that bold-printed tunic? Try smoldering layers of neutral Eye Pencils to add depth and gleam without competing. Small enough to fit in a wallet or slimmest of evening bags, these mini-sized pencils still feature the exact formula you love in Urban Decay's full-sized 24/7 pencils: extra creamy, easy-glide, and waterproof. Use them in combination, use them alone, or give a few away. (Okay, don't do that.)

This set contains:
- Corrupt (brown sparkle)
- Binge (navy - finally!)
- Eldorado (a new gold)
- Oil Slick (black sparkle)
- Zero (black)
- Graffiti (bright green with silver sparkle)
- Ransom (bright iridescent purple)
- Rockstar (dark purple)
- Stash (dark golden green)

What else you need to know:
There are FOUR shades exclusive to this set: Corrupt, Binge, Eldorado, and Oil Slick.
Size: 9 x 0.02oz


ms.iu said...

you can get it..thru online spree...if i'm not mistaken Sephore..still havin 10% discount.

Miu said...

how much it costs to buy this set?

sounds so cool..with the arrays of colors... and it being tag 24/7 whole day wearin no smudge?


BRYAN said...

hi ms.iu thx for the info .. hehe i pokai alr buying too much .. prob KIV this for a lil while ..

hey MIU, its USD36 .. and its waterproof .. not so sure how long it'll stay though ..

lynn said...

hey ms.iu, can we really get it at lowyat? which store? is it a full range of urban decay stuff or just this eyeliner? more details pls..thanks!

Vonvon said...

Oohhh....I am so lemming for this too.....crazy over colored eyeliners...

BRYAN said...

kakakakaka .... i wan too but haihz cant get it here