Monday, June 29, 2009

The Great Guardian Clearance Sale

25 June 2009 - 12 Jul 2009

The Weld Shopping Centre, Ground Floor, Concourse from 29th June till 3rd July 2009 from 11am till 8pm.

Summit Subang USJ Shopping Centre, Ground Floor, Concourse from 25th June till 12th July 2009 from 10am till 10pm.

Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam from 1st till 5th July 2009 from 10am till 10pm.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Hey hey ... were listening to radio last nite and came across this tips about buying BOOTS ... so just thought of sharing it with u all


video from Jessica Simpson - These Boots were Made for Walking .... and a little parody after that hehehe ...

Warehouse Sale - Fragrance @ ROBINSONS

24 Jun 2009 - 28 Jun 2009
Event Room , 1st Floor @ Robinsons, The Gardens

Anna Sui
Hugo / Hugo Boss

Thursday, June 25, 2009

REVIEW - Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Hi All,
I've heard a lot about this Tinted Eye Brightener from Bobbi Brown and I finally made my way to the store @ Pavilion to try it today.
I've always wanted to buy an eye brightener but being a lazy bum, I'm kinda reluctant to add another product to my daily routine so I scrapped that idea off totally. But this product is kinda great for me coz its a concealer+brightener all in one, so I am so gonna get this soon.

Anyway, back to the product review.
Met with this girl called Sapphira who is a Makeup Artist there. I told her I'm a beauty blogger & we had a good chat. She is so kind to even give me some Skin Foundation sample to try. (will blog that once I've tried it for a couple of days) - **Thanks Sapphira**

Let me tell you, this products work WONDERS!
The brightening formula instantly lift up your eyes area to make them less puffy and the tinted part of it helps to conceal the undereye circle.
A little goes a long way and trust me, your eyes will look much awake almost instantly.
Dust some powder on top of it to make it stays longer.

DO NOT apply on other areas like you do with your concealer coz this is of a pink undertone.

If you're a fan of Bobbi Brown, this is a must have. Recommended for guys too as it looks almost nothing on at all. (dark circle + puffiness is definitely not a beautiful sight)

Tip for Dry undereye area :
Apply eye cream & follow by the brightener immediately. Go light on powder and you will go fabulous hehehe :)

Pro : Lightweight, brighten and conceal all in one (plus point)
Con : Only 3 shades are available so you have to be lucky enough to have the right shade otherwise go back to their Undereye Concealer.

Retailing @ RM120 for 7ml.
Look for Sapphira @ Boobi Brown Pavilion for a consultation.

Cheers .... Coming soon - Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 & Bobbi Brown Face Powder (Stay Tuned)


Well to be frank, I am not a BIG FAN of BB Cream although it is packed with a hell lot of GOODS and not to mention easy-to-apply too. I still prefer the conventional way; sunscreen, make up base & follow by foundation.

Okie that aside,
The Face Shop BB Cream is worth recommending simply because it is better than its competitors in the market right now.

Quick & Clean Oil-Free BB Cream is the one in green packaging.
Recommended if you are of fairer skin tone .. Otherwise please apply half an hour before you step out of your house otherwise you will look like applying the wrong shade of foundation and it looks horrible.
All-in-all, a not bad product considering the fact that it contains tea tree oil which is suitable even for blemish skin. It helps to soothe down the redness and even out your skintone.
Oil-free formula is especially good for those with oily skin.
You can even apply this on your eyes area to lighten the dark circle a little.
Although SPF is not being mentioned, but Titanium Dioxide is part of the ingredients and it is a sunscreen ingredient, which protects skin against UVA and UVB radiation. So I reckon, it will help a little.
Recommended for those who just want to even out the skin tone and prefer hassle-free make up. Suitable for guys too.

Retailing @ RM59.90 @ 35ml.

PRO : Oil-Free, Suitable for oily or blemish skin, contains Tea Tree Oil, smells good, affordable
CON : Might look a tad bit ashy if applied too much, No SPF

Well, lets go to the other one with SPF, called The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF20 PA++.

Works almost similarly as the Quick & Clean, only some of the ingredients are different and it comes with SPF.
Application technique and shade are all the same.
Not really oil-free though so please opt for Quick&Clean if you have oily skin.
Gives a radiant glow and again as BB Cream always claim to match your skintone but please bear in mind that it will look a tad bit ashy upon application and you gotta wait till it oxidises to actually match your skintone.
As SPF formula is being added, this product is being sold at a higher price.
Retailing @ RM99.90 for a 45ml.

PRO : contains SPF, smells good (as usual)
CON : a bit pricey

A little goes a long way, so please dont slap it on thinking that it will matches your skintone eventually and it will gives you a better coverage. NO! you will only look ashy and UGLY.
You can also use it as a make up base.
Although a lot of people just go thru the usual cleansing routine, I would personally recommend to use a MAKEUP REMOVER or Double Cleanse to really remove the product from your skin.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MAKEUP Brushes - MAC & The Body Shop

special request from BERNICE

I am going to recommend some of the makeup brushes from M.A.C. & The Body Shop (TBS) - which I've personally tried and own.

I would recommend MAC 187/190 depending on the coverage/look you're going after.
Both works almost similarly ie to blend the foundation so that it won't be blothcy on the skin and more hygienic compared to using your fingers.
The only difference is that MAC 187 will give you a more AIR BRUSH finish. Both work well with almost all sort of foundation be it Liquid, Compact or Cream.

MAC 187 & MAC 190 (left to right)

I personally prefer to use The Body Shop Face & Body Brush to apply Blusher simply because it is bigger and fluffier. You can also try MAC 129 but I am recommending The Body Shop because it is cheaper and good. I think it is retailing @ RM69.


A compact lip brush for the handbag. Ultra-firm with tapered tip. Retracts into its own M·A·C-style casing. Applies any formula of lip colour.
Lip brush is a very good investment as lipstick will tend to stay longer and not easily smudge, by applying with it.
TIPS : If you want to have the EXACT COLOUR of the lipstick to appear on your lips, apply a layer of foundation on your lips before applying your lip color.
To have a luscious and kissable lips, always apply a layer of LIP CONDITIONER beneath your lipstick and MAC has a very good one (refer to the pic below).
I personally like the TINTED LIP CONDITIONER SPF 15 in Soothing Beige as I tend to have dry lips and pale at times. So a bit of colour will definitely help.

MAC 318 & MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 (left to right)

I prefer to apply Loose/Setting Powder with a Kabuki Brush simply because I can buff the product in to really SET the foundation to avoid having touch up regularly.
Both MAC 182 and The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush are recommended (but of course TBS is more affordable)
This brush is also a very good brush to apply MINERAL POWDER as it will gives a flawless finish. You can also use it as a FINAL touchup on your make up. I usually buff the skin LIGHTLY after applying BRONZER & BLUSHER to soothe out any harsh edges and blend the color together to make it more natural.

MAC 182 & TBS Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush (left to right)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, these brushes are definitely NOT cheap. So why not spending a little bit more to get a MAC BRUSH CLEANSER to keep the brush clean (for hygienic purpose, please clean them at least once a week) and last longer. (trust me, this is one good investment)

Most of MAC brushes are made of animal hairs so it is very important to use a proper cleanser to keep it disinfect and well moisturised (just like how you take care of your own hair).
As you know TBS is against animal testing so their brushes are all synthetic fibre, so you can opt to have the MAC cleanser (added luxury) or simply clean it with CLEANSING OIL or SOAP, but make sure to lay the brushes on FLAT surface to dry. DO NOT PUT THE BRUSHES VERTICALLY while they are still damp.

MAC Brush Cleanser

Warehouse Sale - Padini Concept Store

26 June 2009 - 5 July 2009

Padini Concept Store, 1 Utama Bargain Corner, Ground Floor, Rainforest.

Enjoy discounts up to 70% and Super Value Buys.
"50% + 10% discounts for ONECARD members. "

Padini, Seed, P & Co, PDI

Warehouse Sale - Benefit

25 June 2009 - 26 June 2009, 9:00am-6:30pm
13-05, Level 13, Menara Milenium, 8 Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara

Cosmetics for the Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, Complexion Enhancer
Skin Care & Body Care products

- Strictly no bags, helmet, food & drinks, cameras are allowed inside
- All sales are final on sale merchandise
- No returns or exchanges will be accepted

Warehouse Sale - L’oreal Consumer Products Division

24 June 2009 - 26 June 2009, 11am to 7pm

2nd Floor Dataran Hamodal Block A, Jalan Bersatu 13/4, Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya , (next to Colgate Palmolive)

Maximum of 5 Pieces per item per customer!

Excellence Hair Color

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale

18 Jul 2009, 8am to 3pm

@ The Grand Ballroom, Renaissance Hotel KL
** Customers can only enter with an Invitation Card **

Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Origins
Fragrances from DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Sean John & Aramis

T&C :
- Bags, Handbags & Pouches are strictly not allowed in the Sale area & there will be NO BAG Area
- Items sold during the staff sale CANNOT be returned nor exchanged at Counter
- Invitation Card is required for admittance and will be collected at entrance
- All purchases are limited to not more than 3 units of each item, and not exceeding RM2000, while stocks last
- All customers are requested to Cash Out at the Cashier’s area as soon as possible

NOTE : I've the invitation :) hehehehe ... Let me know if you need anything

End of Season Sale - The Melium Group 2009

11 Jun 2009 - 12 Jul 2009
@ Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL, The Gardens Mall

Aigner, D&G, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss,
Just Cavalli,
Stuart Weitzman, Tod’s, Yves Saint Laurent & many more



19 JUNE - 30 JUNE

Monday, June 22, 2009


If you're a FAN of MAKEUP and a QUICK LEARNER, feel free to VISIT this youtube CHANNEL.

WAYNE is a superb Makeup Artist and he shares a lot of his secret makeup tips with the viewers and TRUST me you will LEARN A LOT from him.

Subscribe to his channel too for updates.
The gadget doesn't work so I'm posting the direct link instead. Have FUN!

REVIEW - Biotherm AQUASOURCE Moisturiser

Intense moisturizing, this fresh-textured gel is enriched with a patented hydrating complex to provide a reservoir effect on skin. Our pure concentrate of mineral-rich Thermal Spring Water revitalizes skin and improves skin texture with the equivalent of 5,000 liters of enriched water in each jar.* Contains Vitamins E and F to promote cell regeneration. Skin is instantly refreshed and hydrated, supple and silky soft, perfectly revitalized throughout the day.

Personally, I think this is a good product if you want something to rehydrate your thirsty skin.
The moment you apply it on your skin, you can feel instant moisturising and it absorbs almost instantly to the skin. Very lightweight and skin feels supple all day long .. BUT for me, it does nothing more than hydration. NO anti-oxidant, anti-aging, etc.

Smells very good and refreshing too.

This product comes in 2 formulas :

If you have a combination skin, go for the BOTTLED one which is with SPF and OIL-Free formula.
The JAR one is more for NORMAL skin (those that have no problem having oily T-ZONE)

Both come in 50ml



25th JUNE 09

Opens @ 10am and possible extended hours till 11pm.

5X Bonuslink Points
Double Vouchers for every purchase of RM150.

Friday, June 19, 2009

REVIEW - MAC Studio Tech

MAC 190 Foundation Brush

Description from
A tri-system blend of water, emollients (substances that soften & soothe the skin, to correct dryness and scaling of the skin) and powder.
Looks solid (means high coverage)
, glides on as a soft, creamy emulsion.
Provides a natural matte, powder-perfect finish.
Smooth to blend.
Water-cooled - refreshes and hydrates skin.
Light diffusing: softens lines, creates a fresh, flawless finish.
Good on all skin types.

Personal opinion :
A good high coverage foundation that comes in a compact form and good for all skin type (especially dry skin as it contains emollients). Although the package comes with a VERY GOOD sponge, I would not recommend you to apply with it as you will tend to apply more than you really need to. Keep the sponge for some other purpose.
I personally love using the MAC 190 Foundation brush as it gives a better control in terms of blending and you will tend to use LESS. As I said earlier, this is a HIGH coverage foundation, so be gentle and less is more.
The tri-system formula is good for those that do not like having another setting/loose powder. But with our crazy weather here in Malaysia, I would highly recommend to set it with powder so that the foundation stays longer.

If you love this product because of the tri-system formula or simply because you are a cream foundation fans, BUT a bit hesitate to try it due to the fact that it is of HIGH coverage, TRY this :

- dermatologist tested
- ophthalmologist tested
- non-acnegenic
- safe for contact lens wearers (like me)
- there is a VERY GOOD quality sponge that comes with the package

- smells funny
- tad bit too heavy if you don't blend well or if you are new to makeup

Retailing @ RM 105 (10g)
Available from NC/NW15 up to NC/NW55

TIPS : most asian skins are yellow undertone so its always better to go for NC range for a more natural look. (you can always correct the yellowness with CORRECTOR BASE or BLUSHER - will cover this in a seperate topic)

Thursday, June 18, 2009



5X reward points & Double Vouchers !


If you guys realise, I'll usually point you all to purchase or try the products that I've reviewed @ PARKSON.

Reason being, ONE you can accumulate points on Bonuslink and SECONDLY you get gift vouchers when you spend a certain amount there.

You will also be able to collect 5X point during Parkson Members' Sale and RM20 Gift vouchers on every RM150 spent. HOW COOL is that?!

My fave now is Parkson @ Pavilion coz I can basically get all my skincares there but if I don't I can always go to Parkson @ KLCC.

BONUSLINK is now @ over 3000 outlets for you to Shop, Swipe & Collect Points.
ALL points are redeemable against products available on their catalogue.

Congrats if you're already a member and if you're not WHAT are you waiting for?!
Go to NOW and APPLY.

Do visit Parkson @ their website too (

REVIEW - Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40

Hi all ... BoldI'm gonna be reviewing a sunblock by Clinique today called Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector that comes with SPF 40.

This is how CLINIQUE describes the product on their official website :
" High level daily sunscreen in a sheer, weightless formula. Protects against sun and environmental damage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun block and anti-oxidants. For all skins, even most sensitive. Wear alone or as an invisible make up primer.

Well, everyone knows that sunblock is very important to prevent DNA damages on skin which may lead to sunburn and worse still skin cancer. (please be mindful that no insurance covers skin cancer as of now)

I'm very picky when it comes to sunblock coz most of the sunblocks out there are either too oily, too heavy or just too smelly for my liking. Trust me I've tried tonnes.

This particular sunblock from Clinique is by far the best I've ever had. Not only that it is sheer (and I mean REALLY sheer, which makes it a good makeup base) but it is also very lightweight and you can even put it on the eyes area.
A little goes a long way and can last you all day. One bottle could probably last for approx 3-4 months.
I love the fact that it comes with a very high SPF level and it can double as a makeup base.
The slightly tinted formula even out the skintone a little and gives the skin a good glow on those days that you prefer to go buff without your foundation.

I've started using Clinique's skincare since I was 16 and stopped after using it for about 2 years. To be frank, I am not a big fan of their skincare range but this sunblock is a MUST BUY.

Retailing @ RM100 (40ml) ... available @ Parkson KLCC

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

REVIEW - Estee Lauder NEW Vita-Mineral Make-Up

HI everyone ...
My first post will be on Estee Lauder's NEW Mineral Make Up in both powder and liquid.

Pros :
Comes with SPF
Skin loving mineral make-up powered with Pomegranate (anti-oxidant)
Dermatologist & Opthalmologist Tested
Fragrance free
Photo Friendly

If you've been a fan of ESTEE LAUDER NUTRITIOUS range, you will love these 2 NEW makeup products.

First off I'm going to share with you the VITA-MINERAL LOOSE POWDER MAKEUP SPF 15.
It is a very lightweight powder that matches your skintone and you can barely feel anything on your skin at all but it does magically cover minor imperfections and even out your skin tone without feeling cakey.
The product comes in 4 tones and equipped with a soft powder brush and pad.
Personally, I would think that the product works better with a KABUKI brush (or you might call it a BUFFING brush) but the brush that comes with it will be handy for touch-up throughout the day though.
A little of this powder goes a long way and you can always add more if you want a better coverage and YES you will still look natural even with a few layers of the powder.

Cons : works better on oily/combination skin. tends to look too powdery on dry skin.
TIPS : SPRAY on your face with a bit of SPRING WATER/ MAC STUDIO FIX/ MAC Charged Water for a more natural radiant look.

Well, next I am going to talk about the VITA-MINERAL MAKEUP SPF 10 (which is in LIQUID form)
Again, the product is very lightweight and have a quite similar texture of ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR LIGHT, only smoother, which is a plus point.
Works better for ALL skin type and have a better coverage compared to the POWDER form.
Get the perfect match to your skintone and you will have a fabulous skin by just applying to the needed area (forehead, nose and chin) and blend out to the rest of the face.
It comes with 4 tones as well and a little goes a long way (buildable for better coverage).
You can set the foundation with your usual loose powder/setting powder.

RULE OF THUMB, remember to prep your skin well enough before applying any foundation to have a perfect canvas for the rest of your other makeup like blush, eyeshadow etc.

Apply VITA-MINERAL FOUNDATION on T-Zone and Eye, blend well and buff in a light layer of VITA-MINERAL LOOSE POWDER. Finish off your make up with a sprinkle of SPRING WATER/ MAC STUDIO FIX for a perfect finish. TRUST me, you don't even need concealer for your day look with this technique. (but of course, if you need any additional coverage, you can always go for a little bit of concealer here and there.)

note : Will try to upload a pic of myself with the above technique to show you the effect. I had it on myself during my friend's wedding last weekend and it looks perfectly fine on photo. I'm not a fan of powder but I've to say that Mineral Powder does make me love it now. The only downside of the powder is that it will look horrible on dry skin or on those days where your skin is a bit flaky due to dehydration. *remedy - stick to only LIQUID foundation :)

FOR more info : Kindly proceed to ESTEE LAUDER COUNTER @ PARKSON PAVILION and look for JOYCE, she is the SENIOR makeup artist there. She will be able to try the product on you and give you very good makeup tips.

Retailing @ RM125 (Loose Powder) & RM128(Liquid Foundation)