Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MAKEUP Brushes - MAC & The Body Shop

special request from BERNICE

I am going to recommend some of the makeup brushes from M.A.C. & The Body Shop (TBS) - which I've personally tried and own.

I would recommend MAC 187/190 depending on the coverage/look you're going after.
Both works almost similarly ie to blend the foundation so that it won't be blothcy on the skin and more hygienic compared to using your fingers.
The only difference is that MAC 187 will give you a more AIR BRUSH finish. Both work well with almost all sort of foundation be it Liquid, Compact or Cream.

MAC 187 & MAC 190 (left to right)

I personally prefer to use The Body Shop Face & Body Brush to apply Blusher simply because it is bigger and fluffier. You can also try MAC 129 but I am recommending The Body Shop because it is cheaper and good. I think it is retailing @ RM69.


A compact lip brush for the handbag. Ultra-firm with tapered tip. Retracts into its own M·A·C-style casing. Applies any formula of lip colour.
Lip brush is a very good investment as lipstick will tend to stay longer and not easily smudge, by applying with it.
TIPS : If you want to have the EXACT COLOUR of the lipstick to appear on your lips, apply a layer of foundation on your lips before applying your lip color.
To have a luscious and kissable lips, always apply a layer of LIP CONDITIONER beneath your lipstick and MAC has a very good one (refer to the pic below).
I personally like the TINTED LIP CONDITIONER SPF 15 in Soothing Beige as I tend to have dry lips and pale at times. So a bit of colour will definitely help.

MAC 318 & MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 (left to right)

I prefer to apply Loose/Setting Powder with a Kabuki Brush simply because I can buff the product in to really SET the foundation to avoid having touch up regularly.
Both MAC 182 and The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush are recommended (but of course TBS is more affordable)
This brush is also a very good brush to apply MINERAL POWDER as it will gives a flawless finish. You can also use it as a FINAL touchup on your make up. I usually buff the skin LIGHTLY after applying BRONZER & BLUSHER to soothe out any harsh edges and blend the color together to make it more natural.

MAC 182 & TBS Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush (left to right)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, these brushes are definitely NOT cheap. So why not spending a little bit more to get a MAC BRUSH CLEANSER to keep the brush clean (for hygienic purpose, please clean them at least once a week) and last longer. (trust me, this is one good investment)

Most of MAC brushes are made of animal hairs so it is very important to use a proper cleanser to keep it disinfect and well moisturised (just like how you take care of your own hair).
As you know TBS is against animal testing so their brushes are all synthetic fibre, so you can opt to have the MAC cleanser (added luxury) or simply clean it with CLEANSING OIL or SOAP, but make sure to lay the brushes on FLAT surface to dry. DO NOT PUT THE BRUSHES VERTICALLY while they are still damp.

MAC Brush Cleanser


Sapphiresandy said...

Hi. Can help me to know which brush is softer?

BRYAN said...

hi .. depending whether u wan synthetic or natural hair brushes .. TBS's are synthetic and they're equally as good and cheaper .. MAC as u know is recommended by a lot of ppl but slightly more exp so again boils down to ur budget :)
have fun exploring