Thursday, June 25, 2009

REVIEW - Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Hi All,
I've heard a lot about this Tinted Eye Brightener from Bobbi Brown and I finally made my way to the store @ Pavilion to try it today.
I've always wanted to buy an eye brightener but being a lazy bum, I'm kinda reluctant to add another product to my daily routine so I scrapped that idea off totally. But this product is kinda great for me coz its a concealer+brightener all in one, so I am so gonna get this soon.

Anyway, back to the product review.
Met with this girl called Sapphira who is a Makeup Artist there. I told her I'm a beauty blogger & we had a good chat. She is so kind to even give me some Skin Foundation sample to try. (will blog that once I've tried it for a couple of days) - **Thanks Sapphira**

Let me tell you, this products work WONDERS!
The brightening formula instantly lift up your eyes area to make them less puffy and the tinted part of it helps to conceal the undereye circle.
A little goes a long way and trust me, your eyes will look much awake almost instantly.
Dust some powder on top of it to make it stays longer.

DO NOT apply on other areas like you do with your concealer coz this is of a pink undertone.

If you're a fan of Bobbi Brown, this is a must have. Recommended for guys too as it looks almost nothing on at all. (dark circle + puffiness is definitely not a beautiful sight)

Tip for Dry undereye area :
Apply eye cream & follow by the brightener immediately. Go light on powder and you will go fabulous hehehe :)

Pro : Lightweight, brighten and conceal all in one (plus point)
Con : Only 3 shades are available so you have to be lucky enough to have the right shade otherwise go back to their Undereye Concealer.

Retailing @ RM120 for 7ml.
Look for Sapphira @ Boobi Brown Pavilion for a consultation.

Cheers .... Coming soon - Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 & Bobbi Brown Face Powder (Stay Tuned)


Benny said...

never knew about this, thanks! I'll try it.. and look gorgeous tee-hee!

BRYAN said...

thanks :) its a great product and not expensive too

Chance Boutique said...

hey, im actually using the color corrector and can i jz use this brightener to replace them? im as lazy as u and really dun like to apply too much things on my face...i hv very bad dark circle advise me :)

BRYAN said...
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BRYAN said...

hey jess,
thx for dropping by ..
i cant really tell u hv dark circle le hehe so i guess u r doing a pretty good job concealing it hehehe ..
anyway brightener can only helps to brighten that area but if u hv SERIOUS dark circle and wan to completely cover them, then you will still need concealer. :)

best way is still go to BB and try it on and if it gives u just the right coverage ..