Monday, June 22, 2009

REVIEW - Biotherm AQUASOURCE Moisturiser

Intense moisturizing, this fresh-textured gel is enriched with a patented hydrating complex to provide a reservoir effect on skin. Our pure concentrate of mineral-rich Thermal Spring Water revitalizes skin and improves skin texture with the equivalent of 5,000 liters of enriched water in each jar.* Contains Vitamins E and F to promote cell regeneration. Skin is instantly refreshed and hydrated, supple and silky soft, perfectly revitalized throughout the day.

Personally, I think this is a good product if you want something to rehydrate your thirsty skin.
The moment you apply it on your skin, you can feel instant moisturising and it absorbs almost instantly to the skin. Very lightweight and skin feels supple all day long .. BUT for me, it does nothing more than hydration. NO anti-oxidant, anti-aging, etc.

Smells very good and refreshing too.

This product comes in 2 formulas :

If you have a combination skin, go for the BOTTLED one which is with SPF and OIL-Free formula.
The JAR one is more for NORMAL skin (those that have no problem having oily T-ZONE)

Both come in 50ml


BerniceW said...

Can da bottle one be used in da evening? Can put product with SPF on da face overnite?

BRYAN said...

NO .. do not put SPF on skin @ night.
If you do not want to have a seperate moisturiser for nite time, go for the jar one. Texture is only slightly heavier and it wont affect you much if you are not on the oily side.

Benny said...

this product is looking good. Maybe I'll try it after finishing my Moisture Surge by Clinique. I love Moisture Surge!