Wednesday, June 17, 2009

REVIEW - Estee Lauder NEW Vita-Mineral Make-Up

HI everyone ...
My first post will be on Estee Lauder's NEW Mineral Make Up in both powder and liquid.

Pros :
Comes with SPF
Skin loving mineral make-up powered with Pomegranate (anti-oxidant)
Dermatologist & Opthalmologist Tested
Fragrance free
Photo Friendly

If you've been a fan of ESTEE LAUDER NUTRITIOUS range, you will love these 2 NEW makeup products.

First off I'm going to share with you the VITA-MINERAL LOOSE POWDER MAKEUP SPF 15.
It is a very lightweight powder that matches your skintone and you can barely feel anything on your skin at all but it does magically cover minor imperfections and even out your skin tone without feeling cakey.
The product comes in 4 tones and equipped with a soft powder brush and pad.
Personally, I would think that the product works better with a KABUKI brush (or you might call it a BUFFING brush) but the brush that comes with it will be handy for touch-up throughout the day though.
A little of this powder goes a long way and you can always add more if you want a better coverage and YES you will still look natural even with a few layers of the powder.

Cons : works better on oily/combination skin. tends to look too powdery on dry skin.
TIPS : SPRAY on your face with a bit of SPRING WATER/ MAC STUDIO FIX/ MAC Charged Water for a more natural radiant look.

Well, next I am going to talk about the VITA-MINERAL MAKEUP SPF 10 (which is in LIQUID form)
Again, the product is very lightweight and have a quite similar texture of ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR LIGHT, only smoother, which is a plus point.
Works better for ALL skin type and have a better coverage compared to the POWDER form.
Get the perfect match to your skintone and you will have a fabulous skin by just applying to the needed area (forehead, nose and chin) and blend out to the rest of the face.
It comes with 4 tones as well and a little goes a long way (buildable for better coverage).
You can set the foundation with your usual loose powder/setting powder.

RULE OF THUMB, remember to prep your skin well enough before applying any foundation to have a perfect canvas for the rest of your other makeup like blush, eyeshadow etc.

Apply VITA-MINERAL FOUNDATION on T-Zone and Eye, blend well and buff in a light layer of VITA-MINERAL LOOSE POWDER. Finish off your make up with a sprinkle of SPRING WATER/ MAC STUDIO FIX for a perfect finish. TRUST me, you don't even need concealer for your day look with this technique. (but of course, if you need any additional coverage, you can always go for a little bit of concealer here and there.)

note : Will try to upload a pic of myself with the above technique to show you the effect. I had it on myself during my friend's wedding last weekend and it looks perfectly fine on photo. I'm not a fan of powder but I've to say that Mineral Powder does make me love it now. The only downside of the powder is that it will look horrible on dry skin or on those days where your skin is a bit flaky due to dehydration. *remedy - stick to only LIQUID foundation :)

FOR more info : Kindly proceed to ESTEE LAUDER COUNTER @ PARKSON PAVILION and look for JOYCE, she is the SENIOR makeup artist there. She will be able to try the product on you and give you very good makeup tips.

Retailing @ RM125 (Loose Powder) & RM128(Liquid Foundation)


Anonymous said...

I got e sample!

Jessica said...

hey bryan, wow! i really can learn a lot from your blog! this is cool.. =)

bryanlpm said...

hehehe beginner beginner ...
u can always go to Estee @ Parkson Pavilion to try and get some sample. Look for Joyce and quote my name .. get a free eye brow trimming too :)

lim said...

Hi Byan, first visit here.just to know more about the vita-mineral make up powder. i was looking for a powder that i can use daily for work without need to appy thick foundation to cover up my scars, pores etc to look more smooth.

hows the coverage of this powder?? i saw some says its quite sheer, some say cant cover much only a little.
double wear will covers more.

just to get some views from u.thanks.

BRYAN said...

Hi Lim, thanks for dropping by.

the coverage could be better if you buff and layer the product a bit more than usual .. but it will be too powdery if you apply too much.

if u wan more coverage without looking too overly done perhaps u should try the liquid version ..

i duno how muh coverage you need .. i can only judge if u tell me more specific :)

lim said...

Hi Byan:
thanks for the reply. I have bought the double wear and have tried on the vita mineral powder, not bad as it looks natural. I go for double wear is I need more coverage.

I never bought the liquid as have one at home, I need one more daily simple not so heavy make up.

But the double wear doesn’t come with the blue casing and the price is the same. need to be purchased separately in quite a high price

BRYAN said...

not so sure bout the price though hehe coz i prefer liquid over powder :p
but if u r not carrying around i guess the casing is just secondary ..

double wear is known to gives flawless finish and good coverage so you've urself the rite product i guess hehe

aqlim said...

yea, haven start using yet..hopefully it will be a great one :)

i realised my previous comment is not in a proper sentence with some words missing with no connection.luckily u can understand what i wrote.

btw,u provided the readers with plenty of information!! very much of hardwork!thanks :)

aqlim said...

liquid?? ok, will try it perhaps the next time.:)
the casing's price is extra 48 plus with the powder 128.and the case is only meant for double wear and if in the future u are going to change to another item other than DW, this case will not be usable anymore.i do need to carry around at time as we need to touch up if i need to..:)