Monday, September 13, 2010

L'oreal Super Liner & Instant Impact Felt Liner

am having an addiction on liquid liners lately ... hehe yea i am quite fickle minded .. i used to love gel liner and i switched to cake liner and i am now liking liquid liner .. but that doesnt mean i dont use the other 2 anymore coz i still do, depending on situation :)

i simply like liquid liner for the fact that its easy to use and save a lot of my time when i do makeup for clients...  

these 2 liners that i bought from Bangkok are great and wont cost you much (yes i do use drugstore stuffs sometimes) .. i got both for less than RM30 each :)
2 coats of these liners give a better color payoff and last all day ..
(i cant find the pic of the other liner i bought but the packaging is black in color with a gold color cover)

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