Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Q & A Wednesday - Part 2

Hey there,

Got some questions by Siloy 诗蕊 .... and below are my 2 cents worth :)

Hi Bryan, I bought an eye gel liner from Kate and it's easy to smear after few hours i applied. May I know which brand of eye gel liner can be stayed long, won't smear and easy to be removed? Thanks thanksss...=)
A : Hi Siloy, there are 2 alternatives; 1. if pencil liner/gel liner tend to smudge a lot perhaps you might wanna try using liquid liner instead. 2. you can try Bobbi Brown gel liner, so far I've no problem with that (try setting it with powder)

Hi Bryan, I just found your blog. It seems a bit late to me, hehe..
I'm actually a Skin 79 user. I'm using their BB Cream as make up base, foundation and concealer. I'm recently looking for an under eye concealer which is willing to cover my "dark eye bag" T.T...do you have any good recommendation? Thanks,hehe...
Oh yea, my eye area is dry and I used to take care of them since i was 18 but still, fine lines...arghhhh..
A : Hi Siloy, try putting on liquid concealer instead of cream ones or put on concealer right after you've applied your eye gel/cream ... if its too dry, try not to set it with powder as it will only make it more apparent and worse ... oh and one more thing, don't over apply concealer or layer it too much with foundation.

Please do keep the questions coming :)


Siloy 诗蕊 said...

Thanks for the replies!!!

Siloy 诗蕊 said...

Thanks for the replies!!!

BRYAN said...

no prob :) my pleasure