Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q & A WEDNESDAY ~ Part 1


I've got this email from one of my silent reader on FB .. and to be frank i feel honored that someone actually told me that she has been following my blog for months and wanted to ask for my advice :)

So I've then decided to post it here so that everyone can see my reply to her too (but I'll not disclose her name here, but if she wants she can leave a comment here) 

So gurls/guys, I am going to make this a weekly affair to answer to all your questions :)
Please keep the questions coming and I will try my best to give you the best advice ..

Okie dokie .. here you go ...

"Anyway, I have normal to combination skin. I work in an office but I go out everyday to send and fetch my daughter from her playschool."

My questions are:

1. What kind of foundation is best for me? And are foundation powder strong enough to cover my pimples and uneven skin tone?
Depending on your preference, but for a more natural look go for Liquid and if you are always on the go try LONG WEAR makeup which wont fade and stay put throughout the day .. TRY ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR which stays on your skin for 12 hours :)
Foundation will even out your skintone and use concealer to cover pimples as concealer is more pigmented and stays better  
I use sunblock, primer, foundation and set with loose powder early in the morning, but by midday, its all gone. So I need to reapply makeup, and I'd prefer NOT to bring my liquid foundation to work. (Bulky). So I thought want to use a powder foundation.
Try not to put too much of products on the skin else the foundation will slip off ... your routine seems okie and setting the foundation with powder will definitely keep the makeup stays longer .. go ahead and try Estee Lauder and see if you like it .. for touch up bring a compact powder ..

2. What is the best powder foundation you can recommend to me (if any)
I am not a fan of powder foundation to be frank hehehe but you can try MAC STUDIO FIX, if you want.

3. When applying make up, should I put on sunblock or primer/makeup base first 
sunblock follow by primer

4. Does BB cream really work, and if so, when do I use it?
again, preference, coz there are many brands in the market and you will really have to try to know it ... so far i find SKIN 79 is good .. supposedly recommended for acne skin .. But definitely not as good of a coverage as foundation/concealer

5. Is it true we need to let everything we put on our face "set" for 30 seconds before applying something else? (Eg: must let moisturiser set for 30 seconds before applying sunblock).
hahaha just some basic rules ... but I dont really follow .. as long as you are not slapping everything in one go I guess you're just fine 


Kit Pryde said...


you're an absolute LOVE for answering ALL my questions!!!

thank you, dear!!

(you know i'll be asking you more questions hahahaha)

thank you again!

BRYAN said...

kekeke my pleasure :)

Alina Grace's Domain said...

Bryan dear....

Great idea to have these beauty questions answered and for the rest to see!!! You never know, it may be relevant to them, too!!!

BRYAN said...

thank u dear .. i am trying my best to all answer all the Q :)