Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kiehl's Party @ Pavilion

Had a great time with some fellow bloggers @ Kiehl's today ... and got myself some samples and goodies bag containing travel size products.
Special thanks to VON for inviting me ...

Will be posting some pics of the stuffs I got ... soon ... Stay Tune!


Jessying said...

Saw u grab a lot of samples.. Haha , waiting for your review as well ah.. sifu .

P/S: i should have socialize less and dig for more samples...kekeke!

Benny said...

some goodies for me? pretty please?

BRYAN said...

Benny : hehehe mayb mayb :p

Jess : LU JANGAN TIPU TIPU i saw u gasak quite a lot of samples too .. i took only less than 5 la u jgn rumor ok .. I saw one girl took more than 15 sachets .. i was like WTF are you going to try the whole shop's products or wat hahaha

Jessying said...

Haha, I thought u using yr beauty get more samples ma, don't work for me ..

some of my samples for my sis & bf 1.... myself I also got 5 like u...kekeke..

15 sachets ??? wah so the person must be very beautyifuuuul lo?

BRYAN said...

LOL jess .. no comment la ..
anyway i can only use a certain products of Kiehls .. so i guess i will stick to only body products to be safe