Saturday, August 15, 2009

DIY Tinted Moisturiser

F**K! Bought the wrong shade again!
OMG, the foundation is too thick/heavy!

DON'T throw your new bought foundation JUST YET!

Here comes your saviour (ME!) hehehehehe

Ever heard of Tinted Moisturiser?
WHY bother to buy when you can make one on YOUR OWN!?

here comes the trick ....

1:3 ...... WTF IS THAT, U ASK! LOL

the answer is :
1 part of foundation mix to 3 part of moisturiser .... thats how u make your DIY TINTED MOISTURISER.

Sounds easy?! YES & NO .....

a little bit of experiment is probably needed to get the right consistency ... however the rule of thumb is still the same; ie 1:3

by just mixing a bit of your favourite HIGH coverage foundation to your moisturiser will gives you a radiant, even skintone & a simple day look.

GO ahead and try ... with all those foundations that you've put aside hehehehe ...
TRUST ME you will love this :)


Tips : add a touch of blusher & lip gloss .. & you're ready to face the day ... WITH A FRESH CLEAN LOOK :)


Benny said...

sounds like a lot of work. I'll stick with my BB cream.

Miu said...

hhahaha u know it sounds right!!!

foundation + moisturiser = tinted moisturiser!~!!!!

great tip bryan!

BRYAN said...

hehehe thanks Miu .. was so tired le for the past few days and finally got the strength to post something on my blog hahaha ..

benny : u & ur BB Cream ish ish ish

Alina Grace's Domain said...

You will seriously need to show me how..... :p

BRYAN said...

alina : sure sure hehe my pleasure

Sherry said...

eyeko also have tinted cream now :) hehe.. I am new follower :)

if you happen shop with eyeko use my code E3624 for free gift :)

BRYAN said...

hi sherry .. thanks for following my blog :)
will definitely check the prod