Thursday, July 2, 2009

REVIEW - Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20

I think by now everyone should have already known what is BB Cream ... but in a nutshell, an all in one moisturiser-foundation-concealer-corrector-sunscreen (got the idea?)

Skin Food is one of the best selling consumer skincare/cosmetics line in Korea and the crowds at the stores are normally CRAZY!... try visiting Seoul, walk down the Myeongdong Street and you will know what I mean.

Anyway, this BB cream is slightly heavier in texture and coverage, compared to Faceshop Q&C, so it is recommended for those who prefers higher coverage.

As the texture is a tad bit heavier, you need more time to blend the product in. LESS IS MORE!
Comes in 2 shades ONLY so good luck guys/gals. My color is more of SHADE 1 .. but again I am not a fan of BB cream although it claims that it will adhere to your skin after a while and matches your skintone BUT it never works on me .. I dont know about others though. Foundation is still my utmost preference.

That aside, I think this product is worth buying simply because :
1. I think Faceshop products are getting more and more expensive
2. This BB Cream works almost similar with Faceshop Q&C, BUT it is only selling @ RM54.90 for 50g & YES sunscreen is included. (Double ++)
3. Heavier in coverage so you tend to use less hence save $$ hehehe
4. ALOE VERA being added is good to soothe the skin especially those with sensitive skin.

Oh yeah, SKIN FOOD ALOE SUN BB CREAM kinda surprised me too .. coz it doesnt look as flat as Faceshop Q&C when applied. Finishing is kinda dewy and it gives some luminousity to the skin which is good .. coz your skin is not that MATTE naturally so a bit of that dewy effect wont kill ya.

All-in-all, a good product if you are patient enough to apply & wait till it matches your skintone before you step out of the house. (for me sorry la .. I need instant correction hahaha)

Oh yea, if you can't really find your shade but still LOVE BB Cream no matter what, try applying BRONZER as an additional step.
IT will corrects the tone .. tested and it worked.

I always tell my friends this : CONCEALER & BRONZER are men's best friend hahaha .. seriously .. you wont look overly done and yet look FRESH :)

SKINFOOD ALOE SUN BB CREAM SPF 20 is retailing @ RM 54.90 (50g) .. you can visit Liza @ Pavilion Counter.


Benny said...

Perfect review!
+ points : Aloe, dewy, luminous ands suncreen. I'll get it today, and toss my Face Shop Q&C away!

BRYAN said...

LOL .... good luck in finding the correct shade :p

Anonymous said...

i tried it and i didnt like it :/