Saturday, July 18, 2009


CRAZY CRAZY MORNING .. but I had a blast ..
I realised I am quite a shopaholic .. OK!OK! "Quite" is an understatement I KNOW hahaha but I can't resist the temptations coz the stuffs are REALLY CHEAP ..
TRUST ME! I would've bought more if I've the money hehehehehe ..
Anyway, here are my purchases of the day ... and some are up for grab!

ESTEE LAUDER - Discontinued products and SUPER CHEAP ~!

left to right : IDEALIST eye serum, Illuminator in color 03, LASH PRIMER, FACE GLOW PRIMER

M.A.C shadows and pigment
-open for bidding-

left to right : memorabilia, vellum, henna.
pigments : very pink, antique gold, transparent teal, copperbeam

M.A.C Special Edition
-open for bidding-


daily eye hydrator & pore minimiser (BOTH SOLD)

SET : super rescue anti-oxidant night moisturiser .. comes with cleanser and eye cream (SOLD)




Deodorant, Nutritious Essence SET (SOLD), 4x EYE Makeup remover (SOLD), Lucidity Loose Powder (SOLD), Doublewear Light, Pressed Powder (SOLD), Illuminator, CHRISTMAS SET GOODIES (SOLD)


May said...

hi bryan, am wondering if u're letting go of the EL Eye Serum? If so, what's the price & manufacturing date? Thanks!

acee said...


How much for the eye make up remover?

Benny said...

Many thanks for the Clinique products - pore minimizer, super rescue antioxidant night, and daily eye hydrator!

Adding up to my already "overwhelming" skincare routine .. which I think still does not justify my party-ing LOL

BRYAN said...

no prob Benny ..
MAY, pls provide me your email and i will send u the details.
acee, sorry le the eye make up remover all taken yday morning once i blogged

babyloveshopping said...

how much for the mac eyeshadow&pigment?

May said...

bryan, my e-mail add - . thanks!

Jac said...

Hi Bryan, let me know if you are letting go the MAC items ya. My email is

BRYAN said...

Hi babyloveshoppping and Jac, yea i am letting go of the shadows and pigments ..
pls gimme ur email and i'll send u the details okie ..
thanks for dropping by :)

Jessying said...

nice stuff u got there!!! i still havent got enough of buying!

Are u makeup artist or something, sorry to ask that . or u jus buy for fun for resale purpose.

kudos to guy who r into comestic , how i wish my bf is like that !

BRYAN said...

hi jessying, me ah haha no la not makeup artist yet .. but thinking to be one coz i love the colors and i like to experiment with them .. sometimes i can come out with crazy ideas that even some of my frens who r expert will go like R U SERIOUS! LOL

not very much on reselling la unless i alr hv the colors .. coz u know la shopaholic tends to just sapu without thinking too much hahaha ..
but most of the colors i bought here are limited one la .. so more pricey.
regretted not sapu-ing more pigments

Jessying said...

So many ppl that day, I just sapu whatever colours of the pigments and nail colours. I think I am really mad . Even the cashier girl asked me if I am a makeup artist!

p/s: I also selling some of the pigments n nail colours cos too many of same colours!

The Mrs Blogs said...

M.A.C Special Edition Intriguing Scarlet 6 Warm eyes - is that available for bidding? Please email me the details and price @

Thanks :)

BRYAN said...

hey jessy, pls send me the list of available colors okie .. mayb i sapu some from u hehehe ..

mrs blogs, will send u the details yea ..

Ling said...

Hi Bryan,
I'm interested in buying the MAC cosmetics, can email me the price? Thanks!

BRYAN said...

hi ling, emailed u the prices. cheers