Monday, July 20, 2009


hey gals,
am doing this post for MIU, VON, and all the others who wanted to know what can you basically do with the pigments that you "sapu" from EL Warehouse hehehehehehe ..

THAT LITTLE BOTTLE/CONTAINER can last you like forever and it is so MULTI-PURPOSE.
OK !! Here you go ...

1. Nail Polish - apply your nail polish as usual, let it dry. apply "sticky coat" and dab the glitter pigments on to the sticky coat then apply your top coat ... VOILA! nice glittery nails :p ......... you can also mix with clear nail polish and just apply it directly and top with a top coat. As easy as that.

2. Eyeshadow - DRY, apply it like normal with a blending brush BUT pls be careful as the pigments are very lightweight and can get messy. WET, using a wet brush pick up some pigment and apply like you are applying liquid eyeshadow and it will gives you a very VIBRANT COLOR (called FOILING coz the texture looks like FOIL)

3. Eyeliner - same as FOILING, damp your angular brush, dip it into the pigment and line your eye as usual. (not really recommended for sensitive eyes)

4. Lipgloss - mix a little bit of your color pigment to clear gloss and apply it onto your lip with a brush. (you can also dab just a little onto the mid bottom of your lips after applying lipstick to have that nice pout) :-)

5. Blush/Bronzer - add some PINK/GLITTER/ORANGE/BROWN to your moisturiser and blend it well before applying it onto the apples of your cheek .. just like how you apply your cream blush. (you can also blend out the hard edges with a fluff brush)

6. Foundation - to have a luminous/dewier skin, add a little bit of vanilla pigment onto your liquid foundation and blend it on to your skin like usual.

7. Highlighter - apply glitter/vanilla pigment on the high bridge of your nose & cheekbone to bring out that area and also under the brow bone.

8. Body Lotion/ Spritz - EASY EASY, just add some to your body spritz/lotion and there you go ... SEXY GLOW! hehehehe ...

9. HAIR - if you decided to get a little funkier on a nite out you can mix your favourite color pigment onto your hair products like gel,wax, pomade etc and apply it directly onto the hair. (best thing is you can just shampoo off). For a normal glow instead, just add some glittery powder like transparent teal onto your hair spritz and spray on. VOILA healthy shiny hair.

10. Inner corner of the eye - just dab a little of vanilla,gold or any of your fave color onto the inner rim of the eye to make the eyes appear bigger .. you can also line about 1/4 of the inner bottom lid with the pigment (dry/wet)


Miu said...

WOW LOVE YOUR HOW TOs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makes me think twice now!!!!!!

wuwuwu!!!!! HEBAT!!! i thought only for eyes, body n hair glitter only!!!

lips also can?

urm if


BRYAN said...

hahaha no GURU la .. i just like to explore with colors only :p

yea pls DUN SELL your BLUE pigment .. it is so nice :)

hehe lips are just like ur lip gloss la .. but i personally like to hv it only on the bottom lip for tat pout effect rather than the applyin all over the lips ..

i love it as a blusher or all over face color :)

FOILING is super cool .. try it! trust me you'll love it

Jessying said...

Wow great master, I only know of some ways

For nail very creative and hair 1 .. fuiyoh imagine sprinkle with lots of gold colour pigments.. hahaha looks like high class tai yi long!

Must agree the foiling is super nice , it bring out the colour ! very sharp and outstanding..

Thanks for this enlightening class !

Vonvon said...

Thanks for this post, Bryan!!

Very informative. But too bad I didn't buy any pigment. Do you think those loose mineral powder eyeshadows can be used in such way as you have recommended?

Thanks a bunch!

BRYAN said...

jess, the application on hair quite GING one le .. i tried hehe like hair color to the MAX lor hahahaha ... dun put gold la adui like so LA LA only ..

von, u r welcome :)
i hvnt tried mineral loose eyeshadow le .. but some of the ways u can try la like wetting the product as eye shadow to bring out the color .. and as blusher probably.
or next time show me the product when we meet up at cheras yumcha hehe i see what can we do .. CHRIS is MUA ma she can gv u a lot of advise also hehe

Miu said...

the foiling sounds hard T_T i am a newbie... just touch n go.

The Touch & Go girl!
(touch e/s put on eyes, n walk out)

we MUST yumcha as gang one day BRYAN!!!

BRYAN said...

yea yea MIU pls do invite me when u gals are having gathering haha .. or hope that VON will pick us to go to kiehls :p

foiling very easy only trust me .. u try a couple of times and u will get the hang of it .. just remember to blend out the hard edges ..

layering e/s can make it last longer too

#ChRiS# said...

Haha, i saw my name here... Anyway, Bryan the video is too big, u need to resize la... ;P