Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hey y'all ....
stay tune for more info ..

went there during our Merdeka Day hehehe how not patriotic I KNOW I KNOW ... LOL~
was a last minute thingy (went there with my family) so forgotten to bring camera hehehe ...

will prob be going to SG again soon so w
ill take some pics of the stores and show y'all okie ..
but the Sephora in SG isn't as attractive as their counterparts in PARIS (duh!) .. brands are quite limited .. and my beloved NARS is not there! DAMN!

they carry SEPHORA (does it take a genius to figure this out .. LOL~), MAC, Bare Minerals etc hehehehe

wanted to get this so badly hehehe coz first I ran out of powder and secondly it is CHEAP! 0.38oz for only SGD25 ... but they ran out of stock and the girl (being nice of her!) ask me to take the pink undertone and I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME! mind you, she is a makeup artist and she made a HUGE MISTAKE! LOL ~ she'll probably be cursing me if she is reading this ... :p

oopps in case you're wondering what the hell is that ... it is Matifying Compact Powder

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