Tuesday, September 22, 2009

REVIEW >> Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup

disclaimer : this review is solely based on my personal opinion of this product and you might beg to differ.

OKIE DOKIE ! i am going to break this review into 2 parts :
  1. overall product specs
  2. personal opinion
Part 1 :
This product comes in 6 shades to match your skintone.
Lightweight and easy to apply.
Product should easily blend in to your original skin color and appears NATURAL as if you're not wearing anything at all.
Matte finish.
Claims to provide glow to skin although despite the matte finish.

Retailing @ RM140 - 30ml.
Interested, please look for Make-Up Artist @ Parkson Pavilion - Karen

Hehehehe here comes the interesting part : PERSONAL opinion :)

2nd disclaimer LOL! : this is a matter of preference ... you will either like or hate the product ...

The product is too MATTE for my liking. (I prefer a more luminous finish)
The finishing is too powdery and you can basically skip applying powder altogether.
Range of colours are too limited and you might find it hard to get the correct shade.
Comparing an apple to apple, I personally find Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation does a better job.
Light coverage, even out skintones and if you need extra coverage either layer the product or go for concealer (thats what concealer is for anyway hehe) .... word of advise, you hv to be extra careful on layering else you are gonna look like wearing a mask on :p


Jessying said...

Since I was tasked to give my 2 cents worth. I am here to share.

During my makeover sessions with Dior, feel the foundation is too thin or the coverage is medium only, cant able to cover pigmentation, dark spots and etc on my face. :( End up using lots lots of concealer which I normally don't use

Probably this foundation only suitable for people with NUDE skin which means flawless lor..And also Must be careful with the shade, a friend of mine got it darker , while me got it too fair for my skin. I guess there is no in between or the makeup artist just got us the wrong shade.

Above comments are of my own personal experience only :)

BRYAN said...

Thanks Jess hehehehe .. let me go and try it myself @ pavilion this weekend .. :)
and its definitely not cheap i heard ..

Joey said...

Yup it is definitely not cheap cost RM140 for 30ml. I got the sample, so far sa good! But I end up buying Shu Uemura light foundation las week cuase my makeup artist friend told me makeup stuff go for Shu Uemura/MAC

BRYAN said...

hi joey,
nah not necessarily .. dior has discontinued one of their best foundation (for me!).. the spray on foundation. that was really good i have to say ..

but i agree with your frens too to a certain extend as makeup counters will have more choices in terms of shade for the closest match :)

but its all boils down to preference again ... AS LONG AS THE foundation doesnt look ashy on u :p

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

thanks for the info, bryan... there are too many stuff out there promising flawless skin etc but somehow didn't really works, and full of flaw themselves, hehhhe =P

BRYAN said...

anytime ayna ..
yea ppl just hv to understand that they should stop fantasize of having celeb's flawless skin coz they hv tonnes of makeup done ..
and u cant achieve something flawless by just slapping on foundation ..
if it is that easy there wouldnt b any makeup artist anymore in this world hehehehehe