Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review - INGLOT Freedom Systems Eyeshadow

Inglot eyeshadows are FANTASTIC and highly pigmented. I bought it from Bahrain, hehehe more like I ask my friend to get it for me from Bahrain :p

Got it about 2 months back and have no time to write a review till now.
I have not tried this before hence I bought only 4 colors. Kinda regretted it though ... 
Their eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and come in 2.7g (HUGE!).
Its much cheaper in US/UK but not really in Bahrain .. well nothing is cheap in Bahrain i guess LOL!
I think I got it for about RM120 or so .. can't really recall .. 

Anyway, as you can see I bought 4 colors ... out of which 3 are chosen by me, by just looking at the colors online while the BLACK was recommended by the Sales Rep there.

The colors payoffs are ridiculously good .. the MATTE White is super white while the MATTE brown work wonders hehe I use it to contour :)
The black comes with a tiny bit of gold shimmer and looks good for dinner makeup .. kinda similar to my NARS "night breed" only bigger and cheaper!

Their freedom systems come in various sizes and you can choose from 3-10 eyeshadows palette and also mixture of a few products into one palette ie concealer,brow color,eyeshadows,blush etc :)
I guess I will go crazy if I am there in the store myself LOL ... 

ohhhhh yeah the palette is magnetic and it is so cool .. you can even stack a few palettes together .. one of the coolest palette I've seen so far hehe

These are the location of their stores .. perhaps you can get some if you happen to be at these countries :)



Alina Grace's Domain said...

I still can't seem to get brown colours to look good on me...seem to look good in smokey colours and it's too much for day. Will probably end up scaring the SHIT out of people....kekekkekekeke....

BRYAN said...

LOL u hv to be light handed with that .. practice makes perfect .. i am sure u can :)

Anonymous said...

They are opening an inglot store in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid.