Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring 2010 LOOK !

if you're into a more natural, wearable look & not too made up ... go for this :
  • tinted moisturiser - DIY (refer to my previous post), Laura Mercier, Benefit
  • eyeliner & a coat of mascara
  • pinkish nude lip or gloss
  • MUST - pinkish blusher (this season is all about PINK)

2. GO PINK !

hehe cant find a better pic but you get what i mean ... unless you are this fair by all means go for PINK shadow else pls stay away ... 
by me saying GO PINK means go all out with PINK on cheek & lips .. define your brow and eyes with brownish black liner .. SIMPLE & NICE


go as NUDE as you can on the face, define eyebrows & go all out on only the LIPS ! YES BOLD RED ! add some shimmery powder on the cheekbones to make it more prominent ..


stellarvixen said...

go pink indeeed! with a shade of grey for me lol

my current pinkest blusher is by JillStuart lovely tulip!

darn~ i cant never pull off a decent red lippie * its wayy too bleeding frenched by benefit

BRYAN said...

Pink is my fave too kekeke but not all Asians can pull it off :p