Friday, October 2, 2009

ME & the Estee Gang @ PAVI

Was @ PAVI for lunch today (DUH! i go there almost like EVERY FREAKING DAY! WHATS NEW!) LOL LOL LOL ...

and the gang is all in PINK today in conjuction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign ..
well as usual, Pauline started the whole cam whoring thing and we ended spending like a good 10mins taking pic at the counter ... hehehehehe

went to the Laneige Sales too and oh boy I gotta basically drag my ass out of the place to avoid spending too much .. stay tune to see my Laneige Haul!


Alina Grace's Domain said... cute... :p

BRYAN said...

hehehehe yea .. u can actually get the same t-shirt and collar pin for RM50 and its for donation to the breast cancer foundation

Miu said...


BRYAN said...

haha yea the walk is only RM30 :p
but donation tak apa la